Will Smith did a stupid violent thing but the worst for him and for us is that he did it in front of millions. Some of which would be impressionable children and teens. What did that act teach them? That powerful men can attack other men and get away with it. The fact that he reacted to a disrespectful comment about his wife is not the issue. The violence is. The conversation now should be about how the narrative that runs through American experience condones and encourages violence. Enobles it to a certain extent and allows space for it to continue and grow. That is the worst part about Will Smith's action, it enhanced that narrative. Apology is not enough. I'd say this for any man who did this. Censure by the academy is not enough. Will Smith needs to make his next years about reducing violence in the world. He has the audience. He could make a difference.


MSW, Mental Health Therapist, Writer of Truth

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