They just put away a fifteen year old, for life. in this country for stabbing to death a twelve year old girl who was trying to protect her privacy. He was fourteen when he killed her for confronting him about something he'd put on social media about her. He stabbed her in the neck. There was CCTV footage of him 'dancing' and bragging about killing her after. I think about this and I wonder what is the answer? How do we raise boys to respect and protect those that are vulnerable instead of bullying and taking advantage of them? This problem is endemic, increasing and crosses every age. It isn't just older men and younger girls. It permeates the male psyche. Do we raise girls to fear, eye with suspicion and guard themselves from every interaction with males? Isn't that a prison? Do we threaten, arm ourselves, remain vigilant and rageful with every man with whom we cautiously lower our guard? Are we prepared, as woman to react with a hair trigger at the hint of any transgression? What kind of a world is that? I ask these questions because I don't have the answer. I'd like to know if any one does.


MSW, Mental Health Therapist, Writer of Truth

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