The Next Steps and How It Went

Dawn Vickerstaff
4 min readJun 11, 2024

Reluctant Agreement Secured and a Technique to Relieve Anxiety

My husband went to see his Mum without me and the cats. Usually, when we go together we bring them along to see ‘grandma’. She loves seeing them. They are brother and sister Bengal cross, and generally, they travel well. At least the little girl does. She looks around owlishly, figures this is the moving box again and goes to sleep. The much bigger boy cat mews, reaches out through the crate, bumps his head against an offered hand, cries again, and paces. He hates to be confined and does not like going down the road. This uncomfortable phase lasts for about an hour and then he sleeps. This time though, the cats and I stayed home.

My husband drives without a stop when I am not in the car. He reached his mother’s home in record time. She knew he was coming but not what his purpose was beyond the chores she’d already asked him to complete. He’s handy around the house and she was pleased he was there to help her. One of his needs is to feel useful so he’s happy to help.

When my husband talked with me that night he noted that these chores and others like them are usual things but that his mother would be unable to…