Several Questions About Me

‘Nobody asked’ (thanks Arvin)… but!

Dawn Vickerstaff
8 min readAug 10


I read this essay by Lakitha Tolbert which was apparently prompted by Roz Warren on The post listed ten questions that nobody asked and she decided to answer. Now, I am not sure if these were the same questions that Roz had answered but I am sort of going with the idea that they were. But I thought, along with the original questions, I’d answer some that nobody ever asked me (well, that I can remember). So here goes!

My Favorite Drink

Iced, almost anything. Without sugar. I am not a sugary person. I like iced tea, and decaf iced coffee, all homemade preferred. That jarred-up stuff all has sugar! I like ice water. I really like good water! Don’t let anyone tell you that all water is the same. Nope, nada, no, no, no! I like mine filtered and without ‘additives’ of any sort. No vitamins, minerals, or any flavour.

My Favorite Nibble

Almost anything ‘bread-y’, with lots of real butter though I don’t eat it much anymore. <Sigh> The joys of an older digestive system and the need to reduce fat intake.

My Favorite Color

GREEN! In all its natural glory!

It’s hard to list one favorite color but green in all its permutations kind of fits the bill for a variety of choices. I mean, walk through a forest, take a drive along almost any road, especially country tracks, in Britain or anywhere people appreciate natural landscapes. For me, it will always be green.

What Color Do You Usually Wear?

Black. Versatile, ubiquitous in my closet (I’m a closet Goth), cozy, stealth-like.

Favorite Cuisine

I like food. Period. I’m an adventurous eater and almost any cuisine is going to provide a favorite — except maybe Arctic cuisine. I’ve never eaten whale blubber, seal, or fermented fish unless you count roll-mop herring. I…



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