Several Questions About Me

‘Nobody asked’ (thanks Arvin)… but!

Dawn Vickerstaff
8 min readAug 10, 2023

I read this essay by Lakitha Tolbert which was apparently prompted by Roz Warren on The post listed ten questions that nobody asked and she decided to answer. Now, I am not sure if these were the same questions that Roz had answered but I am sort of going with the idea that they were. But I thought, along with the original questions, I’d answer some that nobody ever asked me (well, that I can remember). So here goes!

My Favorite Drink

Iced, almost anything. Without sugar. I am not a sugary person. I like iced tea, and decaf iced coffee, all homemade preferred. That jarred-up stuff all has sugar! I like ice water. I really like good water! Don’t let anyone tell you that all water is the same. Nope, nada, no, no, no! I like mine filtered and without ‘additives’ of any sort. No vitamins, minerals, or any flavour.

My Favorite Nibble

Almost anything ‘bread-y’, with lots of real butter though I don’t eat it much anymore. <Sigh> The joys of an older digestive system and the need to reduce fat intake.

My Favorite Color